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Pagan Blog Project- J is for my JOURNEY so far

Pagan Blog Project- J is for my JOURNEY so far
Earlier in the project I wrote about how I discovered my path. Today I would like to expand on that subject and how my journey is going so far. Since finding this path, I have literally become a better and happier person. My mother, who is a born again Christian, has said many times how much happier I seem since that few years. Of course, she doesn¡¦t at this time know fully that I am pagan. We don¡¦t use the P word or the W words. But she knows that I no longer follow the Catholic path, and that I am still a happier person. Finding the goddess has opened up a whole new world for me. It is so nice to have so many new friends who I can talk with about my path and share my faith with. The most important
thing that has happened, by far, is that my family- my husband and grown children- also embrace my faith. I know many people who are not so lucky.

On this journey I have been taught formally as well as on my own. I try to learn something new as often as possible. I feel that I am always a student of life and will always have something that I can learn, even from the newest novice. In 2007 I was ordained as a legal Wiccan minister and KOTH became a legal not for profit temple. At this time KOTH also became a physical temple. Before it was only an internet presence. A way for my sister and I to connect and share our faith (she lives in a different state).

Over the years I have made new friends and lost old ones. I have had found faith and freedom but also made my share of mistakes. The important thing is to learn from them ļ.

As a part of my journey, I feel it is very important to connect with my faith/path. I do this my finding things I can do to relate to each season and sabbat. And since Litha is on its way, I thought I would share some of what I am doing this year.

Summer is a great time for camping and being outdoors. Those who have met me, probably would not think that I was an outdoors type of person, but I am. I guess my extremely ¡§white¡¨ coloring gives the wrong impression. LOL. It doesn¡¦t matter how long I spend in the sun, I burn, peel and become white again. This has always been my life and I am resigned to the fact that it will always be so. It is just my genetics I guess. But back to the subject. My family loves camping. This year we are fortunate to be able to go
back to PSG-Pagan Spirit Gathering, which is a week-long camping event/retreat held by Selena Fox and Circle Sanctuary. I can¡¦t think of a better way to charge my pagan battery than this trip. It has been a few years since we have attended, and I am soooo looking forward to it. Especially because most of our coven is able to join us!!

Being a Wiccan, balance is very important to me: Male and Female, yin and yang, fire and water. So I try to focus on keeping balance within the season. One way I do this is to honor both fire and water. Fire can be honored through nighttime fires shared with loved ones and friends enjoying each other¡¦s company. I also honor fire through the sun, specifically honoring Ra. I work with the Egyptian pantheon and Ra is certainly a central figure. As dawn comes around, Ra emerges into the sky, shining in all his glory. I often offer prayers to the sun god. At night Ra descends into the other world to battle Apohsis, his deadly enemy who will do anything to keep the sun from rising again in the morning. I honor water by trying to do activities in water, such as meditating in a swimming pool. We also make tubing an annual outing for my family and coven. It is extremely soothing just floating down the river in an inner tube. It is also a great time for meditation as well or reflecting on what is happening in your life. Both of these activities encompass both the fire and water: fire from the sun above and water from the pool or from a body of water such as a river.

I also enjoy preparing and eating foods from our area that are in season during the summer months: melon
s, berries, tomatoes, zucchini and mushrooms are among some of my favorites. I also enjoy grilling outdoors as well. Not to mention homemade ice cream. Nothing says summer like a wonderful bowl or cone of ice cream.

As a child we would often go to my uncle¡¦s camp during the summer. This place was a haven for blackberries. I really enjoyed picking them and eating them right off the plants. I am hoping to bring this activity back as an annual family and coven event.

The fairies are very important to me at this time of year as well. Offerings of bread and honey or other sweets are often left out in the fairy garden, hoping to entice them to bless us with their presence.

These are just a few things I enjoy doing while walking this path, especially during this season of summer and Litha.
I hope you have a wonderfully magical journey while you walk your path.

Blessed be,

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