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Pagan Blog Project-D is for Drawing Down the Sun

Pagan Blog Project- D is for Drawing Down the Sun : Using the Energy of the Sun's Phases

When you hear the word esbat, one usually thinks of a moon esbat, a ritual to honor the Goddess. In the Wiccan faith we “preach” duality: male and female, Lord and Lady, God and Goddess. But somehow the God has gotten the short end of the stick. Not on purpose, but it happens anyway. This post is to remind us of the duality of this path. Just as we worship and work with the Goddess on specific moon phases, we can also work with the God and the phases of the sun.

The sun is just as important (as a symbol of the divine) as the moon. The rising sun ushers in each new day. It helps with our health by providing us with vitamin D. Without the sun we would have no warmth for ourselves and the plants and crops we so depend on for our existence. At this time of year, the sun god is portrayed as a child growing as the power of the sun grows. So let us honor him as we do the goddess.

Just as the moon has different phases that correspond to different types of magic, so does the sun. Sometimes our magical needs come at an inopportune time. They do not always coincide with the right moon phase. Instead of waiting for the next moon phase to appear, why not try working with the corresponding sun phase. Moon phases happen once a month. With the exception of blue or black moons. Sun phases however happen once every day. Next time you have a magical need, why not work with the God and the sun. Give it a try :)

Phases of the Sun:

Dawn: This phase belongs to the infant/young child sun. Magic during this phase could include fresh starts, beginnings, change new jobs, new relationships, renewal of hope, joy, recovery of good health, consecrating new tools or ritual space, etc.

Morning: This phase belon
gs to the adolescent brother/lover sun. During this phase the energy of the sun expands during the mourning hours which make it strong and active. Magic during this phase could include building, growth and expansion. Examples: working on cash flow, gardening matters, affairs of the heart.

Noon: This phase belongs to the father sun. This is when the sun's power is strongest. This is a time when you might need to “turbo charge” your magic, give it an added boost. This is a good time for complicated matters, things you would normally do for a full moon, finances, need for justice or protection, health magic, anything needing extra strength.

Afternoon: This phase belongs to the sage/warrior sun. The sun is losing strength and its energies become more receptive. This is a good phase to handle projects that need clarity and resolution. For example: business matters, communications and exploration of new ideas. The sun is waning however it is not the same as a waning moon. So not use this time for breaking bad habits or banishing. That would be covered in the next phase.

Sunset: The sun is fading, being diminished. A good time to tie up loose ends, cleansing, dieting, bad habits, eliminating stress or confusion, or poor health issues.

In order to become more familiar with the sun, we need to develop a relationship with him, just like we do with the moon and goddess.

Here is a daily devotion to the sun that can be performed each day (taken from Dorothy Morrison's “Everyday Sun Magic”)

Father Sun, who turns the night,
into the day with golden light.
I give thanks for all you bring,
warmth, strength, hope and other things.
Like laughter, joy and true affection,
and for holding me in your protection.
I thank you for my life this day,
please bless me with your golden rays.
And with your wisdom, warm and bright;
please open me unto your light.
Into my body let it swell, infusing each and every cell
To energize til day is done, this I ask you, Father Sun.

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