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Pagan Blog Project- J is for Juno

Pagan Blog Project-J is for Juno
Juno, the main Roman Goddess was also known as Queen of the Gods, Protector of Women and Children and a believer in holy matrimony. She was the epitome of the “traditional” roles of woman and mothers (as perhaps seen in the 1950’s to 1970’s). She ruled all aspects of Roman life and especially that of women.

She was usually pictured with peacocks and may have been armed. She is usually wearing a goatskin cloak. She has the look and presence of authority, a true matroness.

Juno is co
nsidered to be the equivalent of the Greek Hera. So they have many attributes in common. In the earlier times, the Romans did not see the need to have stories or myths about their gods. Most were simply indoctrinated from the Greek Pantheon and just renamed. So when you read a story about Hera, it is also a story the Romans would associate with Juno. This is especially evident in the stories of Juno (and Hera’s) problem with infidelity. She did not approve of this type of behavior and would frequently cause problems for the lovers and bastard children of her husband.

The goddess Juno was the daughter of Saturn and Rhea and sister/wife of Jupiter. Her children include Mars, Vulcan and Juevntas. My readings have also produced the name of Hebe. Her siblings are Neptune, Pluto, Vesta and Ceres. She was also a part of the ruling body known as the Capitoline triad with Jupiter and Minerva.

As a patron goddess of women, Juno was always there for them. It was said that each women had a -“juno”- a female spirit who would watch over women from birth to death. Perhaps this can also be associated with a guardian angel.

The first days of each month are dedicated to Juno
. Other important dates include the Feast of Matronalia which was celebrated on March 1st and the Nonae Caprotinae which is celebrated on July 7th. And of course the entire month of June is sacred to her, as it was named after her. This is one reason that so many people like to be married in June. It is thought that Juno would bless the union.

Matronalia is the festival of women in honor of Juno Luciana. During this celebration, gifts were exchanged and women in general were treated with honor. It is thought that this day eventually turned into Mother’s day in Europe. This was also the time when men and women would give praise to Juno to strengthen their relationships.

Day- Thursday
Planet- Jupiter
Zodiac- Sagittarius
Colors- deep blue, royal purple
Elements- fire, air
Sacred symbols- geese, peacocks, wild fig tree, white cow
Moon- Full moon
Archetype- Mother Goddess
Plants- lily, lotus, anise, balm, blood root, borage, clover, dandelion, hyssop, juniper, mint, mistletoe, nutmeg, sage
Stones- amethyst, sapphire, turquoise

Her positive attributes include leadership, loyalty, authoritative, protector, companionship, supportive. Her n
egative attributes can include jealousy, vindictiveness, arrogance, controller, aggressive, betrayal and identity loss. As in all things, there is a balance in attributes. If someone is capable of being loyal, they are also capable of being jealous and vindictive as an example.

To work with Juno today, pray to her, make her an altar and offer her a gift (such as those form her correspondences). Ritual work can include those involving childbirth, marriage problems or the strengthening of marital vows or violence against women. Any issue dealing with women can be addressed by working with Juno. Speak to her, she will hear you.

May Juno bless you always. Blessed Be,

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