Sunday, May 20, 2012

Pagan Blog Project-C is for Connecting with Deity

Everyone’s spirituality is unique to each person. Everyone will worship their God(s) and Goddess(es) differently. It is the responsibility of each person to choose how they connect with the Divine. This can be through meditation or prayer on a daily basis, performing a ritual at a Sabbat or Esbat, or other various methods.

There is no wrong or right way to connect with the Divine. It is apart of us. Are we Gods? Of course not, but their essence lives within us from the moment of our existence.

You would think this would be a simple process. But sometimes, at least for me, a person can get bur
ned out on life. I usually get this way every winter, with this time of year's bleak weather and gray skies. And sometimes we just get so busy with life, that we let little things, like paying attention to our gods, slip by. We simply take things for-granted and fall into bad habits. This year in particular seems to be spreading the winter blahs or blues. Several members of my coven, including myself, have expressed their frustration in not being able to “talk” or connect with their personal deity or deity in general.

So I started to think about what I used to do to connect with my gods. These are just little things that might help to start that spark of connection again.

Just simply talk to the gods. Say hello, how are you doing? Thank them for another day. By getting in the habit of talking to them on a daily basis, your relationship with them will strengthen.

Meditate, even if it is just a couple of minutes. If the only time you have to yourself is bathroom time, then take the extra time to meditate on something that makes you happy, especially if you are having a rough day.

Make offerings. Offerings do not have to be expensive. Most dollar stores have incense or candles. Remember why you wanted to connect with your deity in the first place.

Read or research other gods and goddesses or pagan themes. Sometimes just surfing the net can help to give you ideas on how to better connect. If you are losing the connection and feel you are being pulled in another direction, researching another god ma
y help as well.

Get creative. Do art projects, write poetry, scrapbook, make jewelry with your deity in mind.

Write your own prayers or chants.

Spend time outdoors, take a walk or just simply sit and watch. Nature may offer you a sign.

Use self blessings and affirmations.

Take care of yourself. It is hard enough trying to maintain a connection with your god when you feel horrible.

Listen to pagan music. If possible, attend a concert in your area.

Network with others. There is nothing that can get my pagan battery going than attending a pagan festival! Sometimes just talking to like minded folks is a big help.

Do your part to keep mother earth healthy. Reduce, recycle, reuse.

These are just a few of the ideas I have used in the past. What do you do to connect or reconnect with your faith or gods?

Blessed be,

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  1. I read about them, meditate with them, and since I am a Hindu-Pagan (if there is such a thing, I am it), I do puja which is very similar to pagan rituals--offering the gods and goddesses the trappings of hospitality--water to wash with, flowers for beauty, incense for good smells, clothes to wear, and food and drink and mantra. Because mine is a religion that is comfortable with images as representations of god, I also will sit and meditate with my murtis.

    I plant plants, keep cats, and try to keep my dharma (life duty) in mind and act consciously. When I cook, I try to think of it as an offering, as with other actions. Lord Krishna, in the Bhagavad Gita says to act, but don't claim the fruit of that action--stay detached, because some things come out well and others won't; it's all the same, you just do your best with it.

    I love to do a morning meditation where I face the four directions and center, greet them all, and ask them for their special blessings: knowledge and communication for Air, enthusiasm and passion for Fire, mystery and love for Water, and positive manifestation for Earth. For Spirit, I ask for the chance to tie in to the greater universal Spirit that motivates us all. And in the end, I keep in mind the great teaching of Crowley (who wasn't my cup of tea) that "Love is the Law, love under Will."