Monday, May 28, 2012

Pagan Blog Project-F is for Frugal Witch

I have yet to meet many rich pagans. I am sure one or two may exist, but for the most part, the pagans I meet are financially challenged! So what's a witch to do when she/he is broke and wants to do ritual or spell work? Do you really need anything physical such as supplies to do either ritual or spells? The honest answer is no, you really don't need anything you can touch. You only need your imagination, energy and heart to get it done. However, some people, including myself, do find it helpful to have some items on hand to help out. I have found that dollar stores, thrift stores and garage sales can be a witches best friend. I hope the suggestions below will give others ideas on what they can do as well.

The following is a list of what I have found in the past at the dollar stores to help me along my path:
Olive Oil- to use in dressing candles or making oils for specific reasons for spells or rituals

CD's- I have found Celtic or Nature sounds on CD to help with meditation

Droppers- for measuring oils

Alcohol-can be used to make “cool” fire

Colored tissue paper- can be used in sympathetic magic

Epsom salt- for cleansing magically and physically (ritual baths)

Soaps- can be melted down and remade for ritual baths, add herbs or oils to give them specific energies

Candles- candle magic

Frames- can't afford that great statue of your god? Print out a picture and put it in a frame. If you have any artistic talents, draw one yourself.

Scrapbook supplies-great for BOS pages

Glitter- add a little sparkle to your spells, also I use it in my fairy garden

Markers and colors-use in written spells or BOS pages

Poster boards- can use for manifestation boards (great for new moon projects)

Index cards- great to use for spells and keep in a file for easy access

Journals- record kee

Flowers- fairy projects, sabbat decorations

Balloons- air magic (great to use with kids with supervision of course)

Bubbles- air magic (great to use with kids)

Birthday candles- can also be used as part of a traveling altar box

Potpourri- can be used as offerings to a fire for the gods

Seeds- use in spells especially ones of growth or fertility

Twine/string/ribbons- use in knot magic

Wind chimes- represents air

7 day candles- used in spells or for quarter candles. I like to decorate each.

Play money- use in prosperity spells

Modeling clay- use to make amulets

Sugar/salt- scrubs for ritual baths

Rice- you can color rice to use in mogo or spells bags to correspond with whatever magic you are working.

Spices (basil, bay, red pepper, cinnamon to name a few) for use in mogo/spell bags

Food coloring- for use in sympathetic color magic

Scissors- can use to “cut” physically or magically, example cut away negative energy

Seashells- represents west/water

River rocks- can draw runes on them or other pics to use in divination

dolls- use as poppets

Again, these are just a few of the things I have found and used for help in my magic. I have many wonderful items at garage sales and thrift stores as well. Such as: goblets to use as chalices, small cauldron, material for altar cloths, table cloths to use as altar cloths, decorations for sabbath, etc.

And of course you can always use what nature provides: sticks/branches for wands or staffs. I have also used smaller branches to make pentagrams as well. Locally we have an abundance of pecans, acorns, pine needles and pine cones. Leaves also work great, just write your need onto the leaf and burn the offering to manifest your wish.

I hope these ideas helped to spark your imagination on how to practice your craft on a budget. I find that these days, I am always questioning myself on how can I use this in ritual or spells. So how do you practice your craft on a budget?


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