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Pagan Blog Project-E is for The Magic of Eggs

Pagan Blog Project- E is for The Magic of Eggs

It seems great minds think alike! LOL! I just realized my sister has also written on the subject of eggs for this weeks E blog. Although we are sisters, we are indeed two very different people. So I hope you also enjoy my version on the Magic of Eggs!

This past week I have been researching and preparing myself as well as my home for Ostara and the Spring Equinox. Normally I am a winter person and enjoy an extended winter season. But this year, something is different. I am ready for spring or for what
Colored eggs with symbols for divination
little time we have of it. Here in Louisiana, we have mainly two seasons, summer and not summer. We may get a week or two of spring and fall, but then we go straight into one of those two seasons :). I am feeling the need for restructure, reorganizing, renewal. So it seemed that eggs were the perfect choice for me to write about this week.

I personally love eggs, and that is why last week, I wrote about some of my favorite egg creation myths. The egg has been revered for centuries as a representation of rebirth and renewal. It is a symbol of hope and possibilities to come. The “white” part of the egg symbolizes the maiden goddess in all her purity. The “yellow” or “golden” yolk symbolizes the young god. They are encased together in the shell that binds them together as one. (This symbolism is from a Wiccan point of view. Other paths may view it differently).

My coven often uses eggs in our magic. These are but a few ways we have incorporated them into our sacred rituals.

Draw runes upon the eggs for divination. In the past we have drawn three eggs, one for the past, present and future. You can also use any other symbol as well. Anything that can be interpreted for divination. Using numbers as a part of numerology would also be an idea.

In a previous post, one of the other bloggers (so
One of my favorites, deviled eggs.
rry not sure of your identity) introduced me to the idea of cascarones. I love this idea and think it would be an awesome tool for spell work. Simply blow out the eggs and fill it with whatever herbs, objects, stones, etc that correspond to your spell work. You can go a bit further by coloring the eggs to expand the sympathy magic.

Last year, we started a tradition of coloring eggs with corresponding words of attributes we wanted to bring into our lives. For example: a green egg with the word prosperity written on it, or a pink egg with love or romance written on it. Once the egg was decorated, the egg was blessed in honor of the gods, then consumed to bring about or manifest the particular attribute into ourselves and our lives.

We often use eggs in magical cooking. Some of my favorites are deviled eggs, boiled eggs in salads, egg nog (not just for Yuletide) and egg drop soup.

If you are lucky enough to live in an area where you can actually have chickens or other fowled animals that lay eggs, nurture an egg to hatch. Infuse your needs into that egg. By nurturing it to the point of hatching and being born, you nurture that which you need as well.

This year we are using plastic eggs to make egg rattles for use in ritual work to help build energy.

One year we blessed eggs with the att
ributes of each quarter and buried the corresponding eggs in that quarter of our permanent circle. By doing so, we carry these attributes in our circle all year long.

We have also done something similar with blessing eggs and burying them in a garden to make sure we have a plentiful harvest.

If you decide to use eggs in magical cooking or just cook eggs because you like them, keep the shells. You can clean the egg shell out, let it dry, then use a mortle and pestle to grind it to a dust. This dust can be used in protection or fertility magic.

These are just a few of the ways we have used eggs in the past. Eggs are a really great tool to work with in ritual and magic. Give it a try! Do you use eggs in your magic?


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