Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Pagan Blog Project- K is for Kids and Magic

The letter K was quite challenging for me this time around. I did not have the time needed to put into a subject that would need to be researched, so I decided to write about something I am frequently asked about: How to teach kids about magic and especially the elements.

Keepers of the Hearth (KOTH) is a family based coven, which means we advocate the idea of families worshiping their faith together. Although my own children were much older when I found this path, I have been thinking of ways to perhaps one day, teach my grandchildren.  My dream is to one day see the resurgence of hereditary witchcraft.

So here are some of my ideas to help introduce kids to magic and the elements.

Air or the element of east:

Balloon magic-write your wish on a balloon or on a paper that is inserted into the balloon and send it off to the universe.

Bubble magic-release your desires through the blowing of bubbles

Fairies- share stories of the fey, there are also many coloring pages available on the internet as well

Feathers- a symbol for air, can be used in magic and as a cleansing tool, similar to using a smudge stick

Clouds- can be used as a divination tool

Dandelions- make a wish, put your energy into the seeds and blow away

Breathing exercises- breath is sacred; help your children to learn techniques

Wind chimes- create your own as a gift to the fairies or east

Dreams-help them to understand the magic of dreams

Colors include white, yellow, and blue as in the sky

Fire or the element of south:

*** Most ideas dealing with this element will need to be done with the supervision of an adult

Cooking or baking-add a little kitchen magic

Dragons-read stories or make your own up

Sun- talk about the sun and how it is important to our lives, also the sun can be a symbol of the god

Salamanders-elementals of fire

Making and charging of candles

Protection spells-the bubble protection meditation is great for this

Healing spells through energy transfer

Firing clay for amulets

Wands-symbol of fire, help a child to make one of their own

Colors include orange and red

Water or element of West:

Bathing- sacred bathing and washing away negativity

Swimming/floating/tubing-becoming one with nature

Mermaids/undines- read stories or make up your own

Seashells-make amulets or sacred jewelry for ritual

Rain magic- harness the power of natural rain water

Cauldron or chalice is the symbol of water, decorate your own chalice

Kitchen magic- make magical teas or other drinks

Colors include blues, purples, and turquoise

Earth or element of north:

Grow plants or trees

Mud pies

Paint rocks with magical symbols


Sand-make wands or amulets

Learn about trees, nuts, berries, etc.

Make salt dough ornaments or magical tools

Colors are green and brown

Divinity or Spirit:

Singing or chanting- there are many songs/chants to praise the gods

Dancing- create energy

Drumming-music and energy

Taking care of the planet-reduce, reuse, and recycle

Prayer, simply talk to the gods

Meditation- there are many simple techniques suitable for children

Making prayer beads or sacred jewelry: different techniques might include salt dough, clay, paper mache or sand.

These are just a few ideas to help you explain and teach the use of the elements in your magical practice.

May all your endeavors be magical! Blessed Be.

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