Monday, March 9, 2015

Book Review: Pagan Portals-Hedge Riding by Harmonia Saille

Book Review- Pagan Portals-Hedge Riding by Harmonia Saille, Moon Books Publishing, ©2012

ISBN 9781780993485; Book form $9.95; ebook form $3.99

Overall, I found this book informative and easy to understand. Harmonia Saille writes in a way that anyone can understand the concepts she presents, including newbie witches and pagans.  She starts off stating this is a starter guide and has basic information. She goes on to state that further reading, research and practice are needed to become adept at hedge riding.

Hedge riding is a practice that is basically about altered states of consciousness and how to use this state for traveling within realms. She writes “When we hedge ride, we cross the hedge, which is the veil between the worlds and we become the bridge or link between the two.”  

Within this book, the author explains the different components on how to hedge ride and ends the book with how to bring it all together on how the process would actually work. The author also offers different methods on how to achieve altered states in preparation for any journey.  The book also stressed the importance of having experience in meditation, visualization or other path-working methods. If you are not adept at the time you read the book, make sure to learn these techniques before attempting to hedge ride! Some exercises are included to help gain experience in this area.

The author also writes about different tools that can be used for protection, guidance and preparing for your ride. She also tells the reader how to work through different realms, animal guides and spirit guides and how each of these might offer help or insight into your ride. Personal experiences of the author are also included to help illustrate this process.

This book was rather short, but it is packed with information that can be used by a novice or adept practioner. It offers do’s and don’ts and is easy to understand on any level of experience or knowledge.


I would highly recommend this book for any practioner looking to experience hedge riding and other states of altered consciousness. Four out of five stars!


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