Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Book Review: Deep Heart of Witchcraft

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Book Review: Deep Heart of Witchcraft-The Core of Magical Practice by David Salisbury

Moon Books Publishing ©2013 ISBN R00F1YZ0ZG book $22.95; ebook $13.99
LOVE this book! A must have for any practioner’s library: novice or adept. This book is about transforming how you practice your spirituality in today’s world. It pushes the reader to learn (and keep learning) but also to practice your craft, EVERY SINGLE Day, not just on holidays! I was very excited when I started with this book.

 Mr. Salisbury starts off by explaining how to read and use his book. He has written exercises for you to do, journaling prompts, meditations and rituals. The first four chapters cover the elements in great detail! He explains each element and also gives exercises on how to work with and connect with each element. He goes beyond a basic correspondence listing. The next few chapters cover spirit, the gods, ritual and the wheel of the year. Again, the author goes beyond just the basic information. The last chapter shows you how to put all this knowledge together to successfully practice your personal craft.

There is also a very nice bibliography for further reading/research.

Overall, this book offers a better understanding of the basics of witchcraft and takes the reader to next level. Although I might not consider this a 101 book, it is written in a way that anyone, novice or adept, can understand and absorb the information given. It certainly does go “deep”within the heart of witchcraft. J

Go out and buy this book today!! Five out of five stars. It will certainly find a home in my library!

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