Thursday, December 27, 2012

Merry Yule

Happy Holidays, Seasons Greetings, Warm Winter Blessings....... Whatever you celebrate, I hope you had a wonderful, magical day :).  Sorry I haven't blogged more. I have been dealing mostly with my medical issues, mainly my lupus and diabetes. They have been kicking my butt, but of course I haven't exactly been taking good care of myself either.

Our holiday celebrations started a week early as I officiated for the wedding of good friends. It was a lovely ceremony that was attended by both pagans and non pagans. I was a bit nervous for the ceremony as it was very pagan, but I received very nice reviews of the ceremony afterwards.

On the 22nd, my coven celebrated Yule at my home with ritual, feasting and gift giving. The weather was wonderful, sunny and the high was around 55 degrees. Of course as the sun went down, it got a little cooler, but we lit the bonfire and we stayed warm :) Every year we try to focus on one element of the sabbat and work with that symbol during our ritual. This year we made ornaments to use as talismans. I think everyone had a wonderful time. That evening we attended a "We Survived the Mayan Calendar" party at a friends house. Great food, great company :)

Being that our families are Catholic we also celebrate Christmas with them. Christmas has never been a particularly religious occasion, but more of a family oriented one. We have a large family, so spending time together is usually a great time. And again, being Cajun, we had plenty of good food!!

I am looking forward to this new year, we have new plans for our coven's study group. I think it will be both a challenge and a fun way to spend our time together. I wish you all good health, wealth and happiness this coming new year.

Blessed be,

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