Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Q is for Q & A- Pagan Blog Project

I have seen others do a Q&A section as part of the PBP before, so I thought I would join on the band wagon :). I do think that if people get to know someone just a little better, the more they are likely to visit again. So here are a few questions I came up with. If there are any other questions you would like answered, just ask!

How long have you been on your current path? I found the goddess in 2001, so 11 years now.

How did you find your path? I was actually raised Roman Catholic. On a trip to Salem, MA in October of 2001, my sister came out of the broom closet to me and introduced me to the goddess. After that I started doing my own research and haven't looked back.

What is your path? I do consider myself Wiccan, but I am not a fanatic nor do I believe the rede is a law or commandment. I view it more as an ideal to strive for. I do not weigh every single decision I make against it, but I do think about the rede for important decisions. I am also very eclectic. I do not come from a specific tradition and take bits and pieces from here and there. My sister and I are very interested in bringing back hereditary witchcraft. Of course our children won't qualify as hereditary, but it is our hope that they will teach their kids, and their kids teach their kids, etc.

Do you practice solitary or with a coven? My sister, husband and I do have a coven, KOTH, Keepers of the Hearth which started as an Internet coven so my sister and I had a way to celebrate our faith together. Today KOTH is a physical coven here in SW Louisiana.

Are you in or out of the broom closet? Actually, a little of both :). I don't hide who I am. If you are on my facebook page then you have seen the pagan items plastered on it :). But at work or in public I don't scream "Hey look at me, I am pagan". But if asked, I certainly won't lie about it. Some of my immediate family knows, the others don't want to know :) We have told them, if you really want to know, just ask. To date no one has asked, I guess they are afraid of what the answer might be.

Are you active in the pagan community? Yes I try to be. Here locally, we have a few outings that are regularly scheduled. For example, we have coffee cackle which is the first Sunday of every month unless it falls on a holiday. This is just a networking idea for people of like minds to get together and get to know each other. We also have tarot study groups and sharing circles once a month. Our community is small, but we do have a dedicated few who try to make a difference. We do have a community yahoo group for new people to find us as well. On the not so local front, I am also involved in the planning for the NOLA PPD which will be held next year in New Orleans. We have a great line up happening, more details to follow later on.

What are your hobbies or interests? I love to read and have way too many books :) And my kindle is getting fuller each day as well. I also love movies, especially sci-fi. I am a Star Wars fanatic :) My family and I also enjoy being outdoors, taking nature walks and camping whenever we can. We also love to travel and attend as many pagan festivals as possible.

This is just a basic overview of me. If you have any specific question, just let me know.



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  1. Hi Autumn :)
    I found you through the PBP FB page - you mentioned that you're in SW LA - I'm in SE TX... it's always nice to 'meet' someone who is relatively close, geographically speaking!

    I looked at your KOTH website and really like the focus and structure of each family being a 'hearth'.

    Thanks for sharing!