Friday, July 6, 2012

Pagan Blog Project-N is for Nature Religion

If you ask ten different pagans what the meaning of nature religion is, you will probably get ten different answers!  Religion is a very personal idea. Each person has their own way of celebrating it and follows their own unique path. For me, walking a nature path means celebrating all life, not just human life. It means honoring the earth and celebrating the seasons as our ancestors may have done in the past. I do consider myself Wiccan, although not a fanaticJ. So I do celebrate sabbats and esbats as well as give honor daily to my personal deities. I try to be respectful of all nature and take care of our planet.

As a Wiccan and witch I also follow a magical path. To practice magic you really do not need physical tools, although they can be helpful in manifesting the energy you need to accomplish your goal. Most pagans I know are not wealthy and cannot afford expensive tools or toys. Some of the most powerful tools I have ever used were those from nature itself.  Mother Nature is quite generous in her gifts to us. So why not use them for your magic.

The following are examples of items found in nature that can be easily adapted for magical purposes: (the items listed are those found in my particular area)

Tree limbs or branches- can be used to make personal wands. Wood can also be used to make fires.  Branches can also be used to make pentacles as well. They can also be used in making besoms or brooms.

Acorns or other nuts can be used in spells and as amulets.

Leaves- you can research the different types of trees in your area and find out their specific attributes. Leaves are a great tool to use in magic. You can write your needs upon its leaves then burn them as offerings to the gods.

Pine needles-can also be used in spells or mojo bags and burned as incense.

Pine cones-I have used pine cones in many different types of crafts. They are wonderful decorations for Yule and other sabbats.

Plants/herbs- collect those grown in the wild or grown from your garden. Herbs can be used in kitchen magic, mojo bags, spells, rituals, etc.

Water- collect from different types of sources for use in magic. Storm water can also be collected to add power to your magic. Water can also be used in cleansing rituals or spells.

Earth/dirt-use in fertility magic. Graveyard dirt can also be used; however I do caution that you not take dirt from an unknown grave. You never know what kind of energy you will get if you do not know the background of the person who lies there.

Air-utilize windy days to help manifest air magic.

Rocks and stones can be used to make magical divination tools, such as runes.

Seashells also represent west and water and can be made into powerful amulets.

Sand can be used in the same ways that dirt is used in earth magic. It can also be used in fire magic by making candles out of sand. Search the internet, there are many sites available on how to make sand candles. There was also a great article in Family Fun magazine this summer on how to make sand wands for the kids.

Feathers-great tools for cleansing and air magic. Be careful however not to collect feathers from birds that are on the endangered lists. This can cause legal problems for you.

Egg shells-ground up and use in protection or fertility magic.

Shed snakeskin- can be a very powerful tool esp in healing magic.Just make sure the owner of the skin is long gone before taking :). 

***Anytime you take anything from nature, always ask permission first and then offer nature something in return.

These are just a few examples of nature items that can be used in magic. So what is your favorite natural item to use in your own practice?

May your magical endeavors always be blessed.


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